Kissing the Frog

In a recent conversation with a friend of mine, we decided that emotions could be described as near instantaneous subconscious means of processing multiple environmental inputs. (He has a masters in therapy, and if you’ve read my blog at all, you know that’s just how I think about things.) The thing I found interesting about this view of emotions is that it completely disagrees with the nebulous presentation of emotions by my second therapist. He encouraged me to not view emotions in terms of the utility derived from them, but rather I should simply feel and experience them without regards to their usefulness.
While there is merit to the idea of being able to experience each emotion, it is wholly incomplete. The idea of not limiting myself to feeling useful emotions, but immersing myself in all of them seemed superfluous. Then again, I’m the one that often speaks of necessary superfluity.

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A poem I wrote a while back

In spite of this or that theory
As time drags on I grow weary

Strategy is much more my cup of tea

I don’t like execution
With constant resolution

Life or death by the smallest of deeds

Each day a small battle
The sabres, they rattle

But each lacks a frontal assault

Yet it must be done
Battles fought and won

In order to win the war

Each day a fight
Not one of might

But needs a steady hand

Hold the rod
Go with God

It’s the only way


Walk uprightly


As I should.