Am I a Sex-Addict?

The questions that follow come from the “Beginnings” workbook from the LifeStar phase 1 group therapy program.  An answer of yes to any of the questions is considered to be a possible indication of a problem with compulsive sexual behavior.  I answered 18 with yes, or something resembling it.

1. Do you ever feel bad or uncomfortable about your sexual behavior?
2. Do you feel guilt, remorse, or depression about your sexual behavior?
2.1 Have you ever experienced suicidal thoughts related to your sexual behavior?
3. Has your need for sex ever made you abandon your value system or go against your better judgment?
4. Do you resort to sex to escape from your problems, relieve anxiety or to cope?
5. Are you fearful of others finding out about your sexual activity?
6. Do you ever feel like your need for sex is more powerful than you are?
7. Has your pursuit of sex become increasingly more compulsive and habitual?
8. Have you ever thought you needed help for your sexual thinking or behavior?
9. Have you tried to stop or limit some aspect of your sexual behavior, but have failed in your attempts?
9-1. Have you ever said, “This is the last time I’ll ever do that!” and yet continued to do it repeatedly in spite of the potential consequences?
10. Do you have a sexual filter that judges everyone you see to determine if they’d be a suitable sexual partner?
11. Do you often find yourself preoccupied or obsessed with sexual thoughts?
11-1. Is it a struggle to stop thinking about sex?
11-2. Do you find sexual reference in nearly everything that people say, or assume that any act of kindness is a sexual offer?
12.Have you ever lost track fo time when you’ve been sexually involved? Does time seem to speed up or slow down?
13. Are rituals part of your sexual behavior?
13-1. Do you have specific routines that you follow before, during and after your sexual activities?
14. Do you often resort to using images or memories to help your performance?
15. Have you noticed a lack of pleasure during or following sex?
15-2. Have you ever planned your next sexual encounter while in the act itself, or masturbated soon after having intercourse?
16. does your sexual behavior cause tension or conflict in your relationship with your spouse or partner?
17. Do you feel that the “right relationship” would help you stop lusting, masturbating, or being so promiscuous?
18. Do you keep going from one relationship or lover to another?
19. Has your compulsive sexual behavior interrupted your ability to concentrate or be effective at work or school?
20. Have you ever been fired or demoted for sexual behavior on the job?
21. Has your sexual activity had an impact on your finances?
21-1. Have you spent a substantial amount of money on pornography, prostitution, or to pay fines imposed due to being caught engaging in illegal sexual activities?
22. Has your sexual behavior ever resulted in physical complications such as herpes, venereal diseases, AIDS, or repeated bladder and vaginal infections?
22-1. Have you experimented with drugs to enhance or justify your sexual behavior?
22-2. Have you experienced injuries due to the frequency or type of sexual behavior?
23. Even in spite of knowing the consequences you might incur, do you persist in illegal activities that could lead to your arrest such as exhibitionism, voyeurism, rape, incest, or stealing to obtain money for sexual purposes?
23-1. Have you ever been arrested or served time for any of these activities?


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