Therapy Homework

So, I went to my first session of group therapy last night.  It was good, though there was nothig all that new about it.  I wasn’t as nervous as I expected to be, and we didn’t really divulge anything during the evening.  We did have homework for next week…

I just finished with the first set of questions designed to help one determine if they are dealing with compulsive sexual behavior.  A yes answer to any of the questions is said to be an indication that one may be a sex-addict.  There were 23 questions, some of which had multiple parts.  Taking the parts as whole questions, I answered a form of yes to 18 of them.  It only took me several hours, and 2700 words to answer them. (no, I don’t like to write at all….)

I’m probably not going to re-post the questions and answers here, since the questions are under copyright protection, and I haven’t asked if I am allowed to put them up here, and the answers are even more personal than the information that I do put here.

I’ll keep you all updated on how therapy is going as it unfolds.


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