The first psychologist I went to

I’ve been to a few different counselors. One of them was Jeff Robinson, a psychologist in north Provo. I went and saw Jeff (He was kind enough to let me call him by his first name, as it made me more comfortable to do so.) at the request of my stake president. I was subject to church discipline for having had sex with men on two occasions. The disciplinary council was unsure of how they should proceed with me, as they were not able to tell if I was remorseful. During the council, I was asked how I would respond if someone told me they found me to be flippant. I replied that it was not my intent to be flippant, but rather, I was steeling myself against my emotions, as that was the only means by which I felt I would be able to make it through the council.

Anyway, Jeff had some interesting views on the topic of homosexuality that I found intriguing. Before I post the link, I want to make a couple fo things clear. One, Jeff is a wonderfully caring man. He has nothing but love for those with whom he works. (not trying to advertise for him, just making sure we all understand where he is coming from.) Jeff unfortunately uses a few analogies that some find offensive. His analogies can be inapt at times, but please, understand that he is not being pejorative in any way. He is trying to take something that is emotionally charged, and relate it to something less charged. By drawing connections to more common, and more understood situations he is trying to increase understanding.

Jeff’s 2002 address to a BYU psychology conference

It’s long, but worth a read. again, please take Jeff’s conference as something from someone motivated solely by love. The one guy I showed this to, the guy I had been sleeping with, read it and was mad enough to write Jeff an angry email. I really would prefer if you not get mad at Jeff.

I’m gonna keep this post short. (my first two were much too long….) I’ll write more about my meeting with Jeff later. Please let me know what you think of Jeff’s address.


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